Welcome to Iris Messenger

Record it!
Send it!

The Cross-Platform Video and Audio Messaging App.
Send To Anyone In Their Native Text Message App.

Welcome to Iris Messenger

Record it!
Send it!

The Cross-Platform Video and Audio Messaging App.
Send To Anyone In Their Native Text Message App.

How It Works

A More Efficient Way To Communicate
With Iris Messenger

Video First

Iris messenger is built around video. No need to type. Just send a quick video message.

Cross-Platform Video Messages

Not everyone uses the same mobile device brand or app. Iris Messenger bridges that gap by enabling multi-media communication to any device that can receive a text.

Connect With Customers and Your Team

No need for the receiving party to have the same app on their device.

  • Send video & audio messages in a snap. Approximately 7X faster than typing.
  • Delivers via the SMS/MMS network where open rates are as high as 98% and on average it takes 90 seconds for someone to respond.
  • Responses to your messages are routed back into your Iris Messenger account regardless of what SMS/MMS app the user is replying with.
Delivery to Mobile Regardless of OS or Apps Record New or Select From Library Preview Before Sending Send To One or Multiple Recipients Create Both Video and Audio Messages

A great way to communicate with your customers!

No need for your customer to have the same app. Iris Messages route to the receiving parties native text app, no matter what phone they are using.

User Friendly

No tutorials needed. Super easy to use.

Fast Messaging

Communicating with Iris video messages can be up to 7X faster than typing.

Minimal Interface

Controls in Iris are as simple as your native camera and texting app.

Privacy Focused

Stop using your personal number to communicate for business. Iris assigns you a number that is used for all communication.


Check what people say
About us!

“A great tool that helps me communicate more effectively with my clients.

Rosanna R
Cardinal Financial

“I like the privacy of not having to use my personal cell phone number for work and all my messages are still saved in a threaded conversation.

Jessica F
Loro Piana

“Once you start using Iris video messages to communicate, you will never want to go back to texting.

Scott L
Media Services of NY
Our pricing

No hidden fee’s.
Choose the plan
that works best.

We have different pricing options depending on how you plan to use Iris Messenger. Contact sales for further information.

Start Up

Video Messages

  • 20 Sec Record Time
  • Limited Saved Videos
  • 200 Messages per month
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Monthly Package


Per User/mo

  • Unlimited Record Time
  • Unlimited Saved Videos
  • Import CSV Contacts
  • 3000 Messages per month
  • Unlimited Team communication
  • Phone and Email Support
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